The legendary Gunung Ledang | Mt Ophir | Tangkak, Johor

I once learn about the legendary princess who lived at Gunung Ledang
the Ophir Mountain that located at Tangkak, Johor.
Its legend on how a Sultan had heard of her beauty and 
wanted to marry her but she set seven impossible conditions for him.
This story revolves around my mind when I first visited this place.

Gunung Ledang was known as Mount from Afar during Majapahit empire which means
Golden Mountain or "Kim Sua" (known by Chinese seafarers of Straits of Melaka)
The Ancient history have cited that this mountain being the site of rich gold deposits,
luring traders from as far as Greece and China.

 The rushing waters of Puteri Falls running off from higher level of the mountain.
The best 'getaway' from the Tangkak town where we have our site visit for 2 days.

10 of us begin our journey of splendor of raw mountain adventure
and explored the Magical jungle-capped moutain.

The admission charges, fees and permits to enter the Gunung Ledang as below:
To enter Park and water fall:
RM2 per car
RM 1 per person (RM0.50 for kids aged 4-12)

To climb the mountain:
RM 3 for registration
RM13 ( Malaysian)
RM23 (Foreigner)

Camping required other fees.
More information can refer on Johor Parks Corporation: