Lines of Sri Lanka | Retracing Geoffrey Bawa

Travel journal at SRI LANKA
human,lifestyle, culture and architecture!

This journal mainly focuses on
the old kingdom - ANURADHAPURA

By introducing the traditional architecture style of the Buddhist temple
where there is 4 different type of animal and ring of swam, ring of curvy leaves, frame
and centered by the lotus which resemble the importance of the culture in SRI LANKA

the first few sketches introducing the places i stay
the first one was the mudhouse
where there is not a fully enclosed wall but timber column that  
introduce passive design of wind ventilation and daylighting factor.
The lifestyle which is the traditional Srilankan food of the mudhouse!
with the ingredient noted 

then it come to my major study of this trip
the first and earliest stupa in Sri lanka!

there is a few stupa in Sri Lanka and same to other buildings
here i only highlighted some important building

the Twin Pond!
place for monk to bathe  and it is considered as 
the most advanced technology during that era
or even now?
where the filteration of the water  are shown by using diagram

The man of the Sri Lanka architecture field
Mr. Geoffrey Bawa
who designed a lots of hotel and landscape in Sri Lanka

one of his famous project 
the development of rubber estate into a villa and house
here is the office area where he allow the maximum view of greenary
and passive design to the building

never forget!
his most famous hotel which get the bronze LEED award!
an elongated hotel design which is a best example of 
Environmental Determinism

there is a few elements i found out and here the sketches to show it

then come to the most excited part of the hotel which is the room
he used to stay

there is alot more sketches i produced~
but for ur better experience, visit the country!


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