footprint at Baboon | Cafehopping | Malacca

we left out footprint 
days just go back to the time
like how we spend during
Secondary School Time

my BFF
our first ever trip after our graduation
so hey there!
here is some of the LETS GO member
from left:
Wan Wen, Jia yan, Minc, Minna

they have been my fren for at least 8 years :)
is great to have them!

here come our first visit!
the Baboon house
an vintage feel of old shophouses which transformed into a cafe
with artwork and old artifact selling at the front part of the cafe
and the rear part will be the dining area

the spiral staircase is remained as part of the exhibit area for the artwork
postcards and drawing are sold here!
is all inks and line drawing and 1 for Rm3 minimum*
the shophouses consists of 2 airwell/courtyard where the double volume area 
also function as dining area
here is the view of the courtyard where the seating 
provided and the feature wall painted with the 
drawing and the shop name

a type of monkey in Malaysia  i would say
moving to the rear part of shophouses
you can actually find out there is some 
of the interesting artpiece made of
simple material yet resembling something
bring out the essence and the atmosphere of 
old shophouses.

expression though words
art piece

the ending part of the baboon house is 
full with vegetation where 
there is some seating provided
with some forest style decoration

another airwell with skylight on top 
with lots and lots of vegetation on it
go green!

somehow i like the way how fern growing and blend 
into the building

thats how architecture needs!

looking for something
the orang tempatan or the orang ulu
the mask, the lighting
all the unique accessory u can ever imagine
is here!

create the feeling of how a place
that a baboon should stay! 

nevertheless! the bar area where is made of all the raw material
the brickwork
the timber
back to basic theme with the western food serve :D
the burger here is nice and the price rate around rm15-rm20
this is one of the burger we have :)

and so this is our first stop at Baboon house!
four of them _ me a.k.a the camera man
stay tune for more story later on :)