Sea phera | Water Living Capsule | Architectural Competition

something to learn, to earn, to remember

Idea competition A @ DUALISMA , UM
International competition by Arch20,
designed by
Kwon Chong & Chee Hau 

SEA phera 
the living capsule, desalinate the sea, living better life.

The model scale 1:10 showing the construction  and details of the living capsule

an idea, an intention,
to improve better living life style of undeveloped country especially 
India, South Africa & Cambodia.

a capsule design to desalinate the sea water into fresh water,
crystallizing the sea water into salt crystal for harvesting and marketing
 in order to earn extra income.

Dualism exists by floating on sea and landing on earth,
as a protection against the rising of sea water level which then 
causes reduction of existing fresh water at river mouth.

Architectural Presentation by the designer
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