Insidi[A]e | Cafehopping | JWC coffeehouse, Johor

You dont need to be handsome, hardworking, pretty like others,
It is ok since u have something that others dont have!

do you know what u have but others dont have?!


Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) Master in architecture second batch 
Insidi[A]e which known by ourselve,
finally completed our first year in Master in architecture,

lack of one person : Raja who went to Indonesia for measured drawing 

(p/s: will ps him inside later :p)

Here, introducing our founder of HIAO,
mother of HIAO and daughters of HIAO in our batch!

(please identify urself :D )

before the war of posing start!
(everyone is getting ready)

Post 1: spot the Mother of hiao! (kidding la :P )

Post 2 : Others begin to beh tahan ady....
The end product?

18.6. 2014
The last day of school, portfolio Review happened at morning time before 
everyone go back to their hometown.
then we went to have a small celebration to marks the ending of
M.arch year 1!
we went to Cookies & Ginger restaurant at Adda Height
then we chill at JWC factory 30!

The design of the Just Want Coffee Factory is very nice and cozy for us,
as architecture students!
the INDUSTRIAL Design concept of the coffee shop<
which combine and portrait the
process of coffee making~!

we arrive the shop at 7pm after our dinner
apparently, they start serving at 7.30pm,
however, they still allowed us to go in,
we are so lucky to have our seat on the first floor,
have the overall view and nice time within ourselves,
the design of the first floor was intimate,
the seats are specially designed and chosen to suit the overall theme,
even the railing design also made of Iron Pipe which give more details to this building.

On the other hand, the high ceiling is designed to allow ventilation,
The clerestory window allow the building to use
less artificially lighting during daytime,
the Ceiling is then decorated by the a lots of hanging gunny bag,
the song that played along with the smell of the coffee
gave us an overall comfortable atmosphere to relax and chill at this place.

here, we sitting at the balcony side of the first floor which can look down
to the coffee bar and cashier area.

First time candid photo of us :D
first photo:

second photo:

third photo with amin!

Thanks for everyone who attend today to marks the happy ending of our First year in M.Arch!
see u guys next sem! cheers :D