Temple by the hillside | Kiyomizo-dera | Kyoto

Kiyomizu-dera is one of the most celebrated temples of Kyoto, Japan.
It was founded in 780 on the Otowa Waterfall hills east of Kyoto.

 In year in 1994, it was registered as World Unesco Heritage building
The name Kiyomizu-dera derived from the fall's pure water.
It was one of the oldest school that teaches Japanese Buddhism.
 The main hall houses the temple's primary object of worship, 
a small statue of the eleven faced, thousand armed Kannon.

It was famous with it geographical site that located 13 meter above the hillside.
The timble construction of the entire temple is built without the use of nails offer the visitor
a nostalgic and holistic experience.
The wooden stage that just out from the main hall allow the visitor to have
a panaromic view to the city of Kyoto as well as the surrouding environment
that is full of maple tree which will erupt in a sea of color during spring and fall.

The wonderful part of this building is its architecture element which become
the landmarks of that area
The  grant and majestic temple that constructed by using 12-meter high keyaki pillars.

It's aesthetic not only about the architecture but the built environment where the surrounding
site is full of cherry and maple that give different atmosphere during different season.
During Autumn which was the time I visited,
the temple give me a warmth-hearted experience I would say.

Walking down from the main hall along the pathway,
there is a water catchment area which is consumable-
The Otowa Waterfall
The pure water from the Otowa Waterfall is located at the base of Kiyomizudera's main hall.
The water are divided intro 3 separate streams and each stream is believed to have
their own benefits and fortune: longevity, success and love.
The visitor can use the long poles cup which is sterilised to drink the water from them.

If you are interested,
you can visit more at http://www.kiyomizudera.or.jp/lang/01.html