笨珍共生農場 | 黃梨之鄉 | 走進大自然 | Pontian Nictar Symbiosis Farm, Malaysia

笨珍共生農場 Pontian Nictar Symbiosis Farm
地址/Address:Jalan Parit Sikom, 82100 Ayer Baloi, Johor, Malaysia
開放時間:早上 每天都會開放導覽參觀(一個人馬幣14塊,至少要10人團)
Operating Time : Everyday Morning (Pre-Booking)
臉書鏈接:Nictar Farm
黃梨之鄉 Pineapple Village
終於,近日發現了位於笨珍巴力西貢(Pontian Parit Sikom),這個一望無際的黃梨園, 農耕旅遊的好去處。這一個已經快要被城市遺忘的一角,屬於笨珍黃梨之鄉的代表,笨珍共生農場。
The question of where to bring my friend to walk around in my hometown always appear whenever I go back to Pontian. Recently, I found out a place near Pontian Parit Sikom, A pineapple farm which is ideal for eco-tourism, and able to represent  Pontian - Nictar Symbiosis Farm.

Pontian, A fishing village that belong to the West coast of Johor State in West Malaysia. It is the most Southern land in Asia where it facing Malacca Straits on west and Singapore on Southern East. "Pontian" was originally came from the word "Perhentian" which means "stay" since it is a fishing port in the old days. Pontian became Malaysia Biggest Pineapple Production zone due to the Low and flat level of its geography, .

According to the Farm owner (Haleem Lim ), the farm name, "Nictar" is originated from the word "Nectar".

這裏的園區主要由3種不同種類的生物(黃梨、蜜蜂和菜園雞)共處一適合的環境中,制造出雙贏, 甚至是多贏的效果。
Nictar Symbiosis Farm Litterally adopted the biological term 'symbiosis' by having all three different kind of living organism (Pineapple, Bee and Village Chicken) under one roof. They live together and forming an organic life cycle which help and benefit each other.


This Symbiosis Farm maintain its originality by having different kind of pineapple plantation and it even make into the record of Pontian Eco Tourism officially. The Farm will turned into an agricultural education zone whenever it is closed to School or Public holiday. Visitors are able to visit the farm to understand the growing and manufacture process of pineapple and honey. Camp will be held occasionally to allow the visitor to participate in the workshop and to experience the farm life.

而黃梨上半部綠色的部分正是黃梨的嫩芽,只要經過整理,再重新種在土裏,新的黃梨就會誕生。黃梨或鳳梨過了一段時間的成長後, 嫩芽會長出更多的葉子,紫色和紅色的鳳梨花也跟著盛開,花謝後,就成為了黃梨的果實。
The reproduction method of pineapple is different from other plants.
The harvesting season will be the reproduction season at the same time. The shoot of the pineapple is the part where it is used for new plantation. After tidy up of the shoot and replanting it into the soil, newer pineapple will grow, the red or purple pineapple flower will blossom together with the leaves. The pineapple is ripe after the flower is faded.

The plantation, manufacture and production of Pineapple Business is getting challenging during the age of advanced technology. People tend to playing gadget than going out to nature for an adventure.
Thanks to the Farm owner for keeping this farm as part of the tourism spot. At least our future generation will be able to see how pineapple grow and realise the  importance of our mother earth.
The halfday tour finally come to the end with this homemade organic pineapple juice by Nictar Farm.


Eventhough Pontian have nothing like Kuala Lumpur, Penang or Malacca,
This special town still remain its uniqueness waiting for people to discover.
The farm is open daily at daytime, a minimum of 10 people tour (RM14 per person) are open for booking. If there is only few of you, you are welcome to drop by as well!
For those who are interested, u may find out information more at : Nictar Farm