Architectural Rendering Technique | Lumion vs Vray

The following rendering was done by lumion 
the overall setting up took my 3 hours to finish it
from material selection, planting tree,
environment setting, human figure, activity , sunlight, shadow casting
to details.....

so here is the previous rendering i did of crit 5 by using vray and photoshop montage 
within 10 minutes

basically, the contour i haven smoothen it,
and the reason is i wanted to show the gentle slope which is 
my main site analysis and characteristic,
generally, i only photo-montage tree onto my rendering 
and adjust some brightness, level & contrast.

so the drop off area where my structural green located!
rendered by lumion.

rendered by vray & photoshop with water texture, tree & human figure

the ecological pond view of my health center rendered by lumion

rendered by v ray and photoshop with  water texture, tree & human figure

my personal opinion after comparing is that i might use lumion to render and
touch up & photo montage it with photoshop
by comparing before and after 
i am learning to showcase the best side of me in VISUAL presentation.


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  2. hi chong...r u feeling that actually vray is more realistic than lumion rendering??

  3. hi kai jun sorry for the late reply
    i would prefer v ray rendering with photoshop montage skill because lumion is abit too fantastic
    but if you want to save time on rendering, perhaps u can use lumion since vray tooki alot of time to render


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