RE[human]ization | Helio Health Center | Architectural Design Idea

RE-HUMAN isation
was my last design project for architectural degree program in my life.
The concept RE-humanisation simply  means that becoming a normal human again
which refer to the re balancing human biological clock.

Helio health center was designed as a health center that aim for stimulation and rejuvenation
with the use of daylighting factor, it helps the
Sleeping disorder patient who is my target group patient heal themselves within the
natural environment.

Structural green is another design criteria that I have to hit it by deriving a structure from a plant.
the plant i choose was sun flower and the following perspective was the final outcome,
I was mainly focus this design as my hierarchy of space which then contribute to 
the point of radial organisation for the overall space planning

The walk-through journey immediately start off with the drop off area
where my structure located.
then followed by cafe, lobby and the other buildings that overlooking the golf course.
looking in this sectional perspective,
I was focusing on the design scheme that i mention previously
the DAYLIGHTING issue where i incorporate the daylighting into the building
through skylight, opening and Pv panel. Pv panel at the same time harvesting the sun and generate energy.

The secondary design scheme will be the rain water harvesting scheme which
i applied it since i already have this kind of tree structure and 
it actually harvest the rain for Wc flushing purposes.

The main idea for this structure design was the study of the angle roof
which is the solar geometry then it indirectly transformed into the roof structure form.