Gothic Revival | St Jospeh Cathedral | Hanoi, Vietnam

Gothic architecture was the famous architectural style that I study all the time during my degree time.
The massive structure of churches and cathedral always inspire me on how the time and trend influence the design of architecture.

The result of a communist country which was conquered by French in year 1872,
Saint Joseph's Cathedral
(Vietnamese: Nhà thờ Lớn Hà Nội, Nhà thờ Chính tòa Thánh Giuse )
Located on the church street in Hoan Kien Distric of Hanoi city which is just a short distance walk from our hotel. we visited this cathedral on the first day of the trip.
we are so lucky to enter this cathedral at the right time as they only open for services and prayer time.

THE GOTHIC REVIVAL appear at the city of Hanoi
was the resemble of Notre Dame de Paris. 
The cathedral was one of the first structures built by the French colonial government in Indochina.
The cathedral still functioning until now and the interior was much renovated and maintained.
Here some interior view of the cathedral, the arcade and the detail.

The lancet arch still can been see everywhere in the cathedral.
Much fancy decorated design of the stained glass window remained 
to acknowledge the gothic architecture. 
This is similar as other gothic architecture where the story of bible 
was portrait and reflected on the window opening.

view of the atrium and the prayer area.

 The rose window was another important characteristic of the gothic architecture.

Daylighting was practicing since ancient time and same goes to this building. The used of clerestory window allow more sunlight to be able to penetrate into this narrow and long building during daytime.
The detail of the construction can be seen clearly here where the ridge and rib still remained prominent at the ceiling.

Ribbed Vault system which show the pointed arch and the shadow casting at aisle of church

here is some detail of the window opening of the stained glass
which portrait the important people of their culture.