Mother of earth | Sapa | Hanoi

I step into the land of Vietnam.
Me,Wenjian, Zero, Patrick, Ravey and Queenie
6 of us,  the graduation journey begin and end at 18.6.13.

The most significant thing :
The cultural shock which is their living style.
the chaotic life. 
traffic was all around the city without any proper arrangement yet less traffic jam and accident happen

History you have to know:
a variation of Southern Viet which originated from a word Bach Viet
(people who lived at southern China in ancient times).

Vietnam was unified under communist government and Ho Chi Minh become prime minister and president of the country at year 1945 and subsequently his name was adopted as the head quarter of the country.
Hanoi, second largest city in Vietnam which located at river bank of Red River.
Commonly described as the Asean Venice due to the famous Halong Bay.

Thing you have to know :
the currency exchange during June 2013:
1 USD = RM3.30
1 USD = 2100 Don
RM 1 = 650 Don

advice :
1.You can change all your money into Don ( it will be too much money u carry at one time)
2. 60% of ur money can be USD
  40% of ur money you can change to Don
( for our 6D5N trip we use almost rm1000)

we book all the hotel online before we go to the place
12.6.13. first night we temporary stay at Hanoi Central Hotel, then we sleep in the train
13.6.13 Sapa Family Guest House
14.6.13. we sleep in Sapa Guest house
15.6.13. we sleep in the train
16&17.6.13. we stay in Rising Dragon Hotel, Hanoi

Vietnamese language:
hello = chào
Thank you = cảm ơn

Our itinerary:
12.6.13 - arrived Hanoi city at 10am and hanging around the hanoi town

            - we book a hotel room to put our luggage and bathe 
            - we then have our meal along the street and check out the hotel to move on to SAPA
            - we took the train at 9.40pm and the train ticket cost us around 38 USD
              ( we book the train ticket from SAPA Family Guest house, 

                the owner is young, pretty and good since she dint charge us so much)
           - we spend 8 hour inside the train from hanoi to sapa

13.6.13 arrived at sapa town, the bus picked us up and take around 40 minutes to reach the hill side of sapa, it is like cameron highland in malaysia, cool and comfortable! the scenery is much more nature as the paddy terrace can been seen cleary and all around the area.
- we then check in our hotel and have the breakfast there which only cost us 5000 don for the famous beef noodles!

must try! especially at this cold weather!
The first day of sapa, we walk around the town, the food there is all tourisfied, quite expensive compared to our hotel and most of the people there is not Vietnamese. They are local people, so called 
blank mont. They are all women and they work for their lives through the handicraft they made and travel together with us.
we spend our second day of the trip around the sapa town and sight seeing at one of the mountain which cost us around 2000 Don for the entrance fee.

The third day we heading to the paddy trekking which is around 24km by FOOT
such as big big misunderstand for us as we thought the 24km was by bus
the trekking journey is not easy!

The train used up 38 +38 USD, total of 76 USD 
and we spend another 45 USD ( negotiable)  for Sapa homestay which include food