笨珍海邊餐廳 | 夕陽與海景交織的晚餐 | Pontian Coxn Cafe | Johor, Malaysia

笨珍海邊餐廳 Pontian Coxn Cafe
營業時間 :每天 下午 5點到 12點 (星期三周休)
Operating Time : Everyday 5pm - 12pm (Off on Wednesday)
地點/ Adrress:Ibrahim, Jalan Parit Dukacita, Kampung Rimba Terjun, 82000 Pontian, Johor, Malaysia
Facebook,waze :Coxn Cafe
聯絡號碼/ Contact Number:017-700 5720
致青春 Cheers to Our Youth
There is alot of people in this world, either they like us or they dislike us, just like the sea wave having low tide and high tide. Deep down inside our heart, we know who is the best. Spending a wonderful weekend and having dinner with our best friend by the seaside and sunset is one of the happiest thing in our life.

Coxn Cafe
Coxn Cafe 是一間位於笨珍崩山的海邊餐廳。Coxn的意思是 掌船人,如餐點圖一樣的‘托’,似乎意為著笨珍這個臨海的小漁村,每一代漁夫與船夫的貢獻。隨著時代的流逝,或許這些行業會漸漸沒落,可是這裏曾經供給大家的記憶一定會繼續在這裏保留下來。
Coxn Cafe is a Restaurant by the sea located at Kampung Rimba Terjun, Pontian Kechil, Johor. The meaning of coxn traced back to the person who control the boat or ship. As we can see from the menu, coxn cafe representing the braveness of one who seal towards the sea, just like the resident of Pontian Kechil who used to be Fishermen.

Coxn Cafe 的建築風格非常到地,采用了原始的木材和樹葉構成,讓其建築和當地環境融在一起。與其提供空調式的餐廳,這裏選擇了開放式的設計,到這裏的顧客不但可以欣賞海景,還可以吹吹海風,聆聽海浪聲。
The architectural style of coxn cafe adopted the local design which utilised local timber, atap leaves and claybrick as the main building material. Instead of having the solid building with air-conditional system, the owner design the restaurant to be light and airy which allow the sea breeze to ventilate through the entire building while enabling the sound of the sea to go along with the wind.

According to the Cafe owner, this cafe has been operated for more than 3 years.
Most of the cuisine here has been reinvented by the children of the owner. They incorporated western and Italian cuisine to attract more youth and family to visit here and enjoy their dinner by the sunset and sea view.

Coxn Cafe由一家馬來人的家庭經營,餐廳的前方就是老板的家。從小笨珍市中心,一路向南(龜閣方向),Coxn Cafe 的牌子就會出現在右手邊。在Coxn Cafe 的路口,早上和下午有一家炸香蕉的小店,由這裏進入,會經過一條小路,路旁都是油棕和小森林,CoxnCafe就在深處。慶幸我們大約5.30pm就到了這間餐廳(雖然路有點難認),多虧了waze,我們最後還是找到了!
Coxn cafe is operated by a Malay Family who living nearby the cafe. This cafe is located at the hidden part of Kampung Rimba Terjun where it is very deep inside the junction. However, it is still able to be reach by following 'Waze' apps. The sign board of Coxn cafe is visible is at the right hand side of the road if you are coming from Pontian Kechil township. The other way to identify it is the existence of  the ' Fried banana Stall ' at the entrance of the junction.

西式料理 Western Cuisine 
這裏的食物價位雖然比其他餐廳貴了一些(RM15-25),可是這裏的風景與環境卻是這裏的優點。我們一行人點了黑胡椒雞扒(RM16),柠檬茶(RM2.50),炸魚排(RM14)。CoxnCafe除了售賣自制的披薩和現烤的雞扒,每一天,他們也售賣不一樣的甜品,讓大家抱有新鮮感。當天,我們點了 一份 超級值得的tiramisu (RM12),雖然沒有酒精,可是蛋糕的口感綿密,分量也很大哦!
The price of the food here range from Rm15 to Rm25. During the visit, we ordered the Black pepper chicken chop (RM16) ,  Ice lemon tea (Rm2.50), Fish n chip (RM14). Besides having the typical western food, they also serve homemade pizza which they bake it on the spot. Coxn cafe also selling different type of dessert everyday to make sure the always has something new in term of food. The food here is all halal and we also order a tiramisu (RM12) which is well-worth.

Sunset happen from 7.00pm onward in here - Pontian Kechil. After the long wait from 5.30pm, we finally get to see this amazing moment while enjoying our dessert and beverage. The entire sky turning from blue to red colour within 30 minutes. The sun began to disappear from the sea horizon and then the night begin.

夕陽與海 Sunset and The Sea
After travelling to so much place, it was the first time I realise the wonderful part of our hometown- Pontian. Coxn Cafe has successfully bring out the beauty of this small fishing village. This is the time that we can finally slowing down our pace by just chilling at the seaside and commemorate our friendship or family-hood together.