Luodong Forestry Culture Garden | Combination of Natural & Heritage

Luodong Forestry Culture Garden is located at Luodong, Yilan 
which can be reached by public transport.
It is a getaway or green lungs in the heart of the Luodong Distric.
Luodong was used to be one of the three main timber industrial sites in Taiwan,
Alishan was the other one.
This garden was retired from the timber industry and now have been 
 intervened as Forestry Culture Garden.
The Japanese architectural dorms was preserved as museum and the
storage pool for the timber has turned to be the lake garden.
Some other old facilities are now used as exhibition and education purposes.
The entire Garden has been divided into a few sections:
Artifact exhibition hall, Forestry museum, Railway Station, Primitive habitat,
Storage pool ( lake garden) and art district.

Zone 1 the lake garden
Zone 2 The Dorm and Storage area
One of the typology of Japanese Style Dorms 
that has been turned in to museum.
It show case the production equipments,
Transportation of lumber from one place to another place
and the way the Japanese harvest or cut of the tree.

The man made storage pool in the past is now turned into lake garden.
The lake garden is divided into two part where all the wildlife is inhabit here.
It has successfully blend into the city and the
wildlife has becoming the main character here.
By giving back this area to the nature,
the community here also enjoy the benefit.
The visitor could spend their time with their family here.
There are two hiking routes along the lake and through the park which lead
to the TaiPing Mountain.

The main transportation of the lumber during old days were the railway.
Thus, the garden intend to preserved the old railway station - Zhuli
by furnishing it to be a modern cafe and exhibition hall.
The old railway track is still significant somewhere in the garden.
Train was also renovated to become seating and resting area 
for the visitor to experience the old times.

Lastly, special thanks to Ye kou who 
willing to accommodate me and be my tour guide at Luodong during the time I visited there.
Luodong Forestry Culture Garden
Opening hour : 06.00am - 07.00pm
Exhibition hall :
Opening hour : 09.00am - 12.00pm, 02.00pm - 05.00pm, closed on Monday and Tuesday
Yilan County Creative Hall :
Opening hour : 09.00am -05.00pm, closed on Monday

118, Zhongzheng North Road, Luodong, Yilan County

Public Transport :
1) Arrived at Luodong railway station,
    hoop onto  "Taiwan Haoxing " to Luodong Forestry Culture Garden
2) arrived at Zhong Li Railway station,
     10 minutes walking distance