Shimen Cave | Stone arch by the sea

is my 29th day in Taiwan!
my 4th weekend in Taipei City.

Road trip to the north east coast of  Xinbei City began from YehLiu Geopark,
continue to the Shimen District.
The scenery along the way was wonderful.

We arrive the Shimen Cave by taking the bus of
Taiwan Good Travel Bus.
The first thing we do was having a quick lunch nearby the cave.
Small stalls beside selling food and toys for the family to buy for their kids to play.

Shimen cave located 29km along No.2 Provincial Highway.
It was one of the great natural wonders of the North Coast of Taiwan.
Originally, the cave is not a CAVE but a stone arch that formed by sea erosion.
The rock form over time by the waves or tides  that move inward and outwards
the bottom of the land mass.
The archway was then left behind when the land was subsequently pushes upward
and form the entrance of the cave-like structure.

As the whole structure is now above the ground,
it become a showcase for different geological strata in Taiwan.
Meanwhile, it become the landmarks for the Shimen District
as well as the origin of the name of the District.

Steps have been constructed leading to the top of the arch which provide a platform and spot
to look out at the sea. The viewing platform become a great spot for visitor to overlook 
sunset and clouds that hand over the ocean.

Along the coastal line,
some effort was made to attract more visitors especially couple to come over here
and enjoy their weekend.
Bridge was constructed to connect from the main land to another small island,
the bridge then become an idea place for couple to take photo here.

During the summer time,
sea waves and tides was stronger and more obvious compared to other season.
However, it will be better if visit here during Spring because
the stone also known as algae stone will grow faster,
the entire sea coast will turn greenish which is more delightful.

There is no entrance fee and it is opened 24 hour everyday.
Public Transportation: 
1) Take MRT Tamsui Line ( red ) and exit to Tamsui Station,
Transfer to any bus that going to Shimen Direction and get off at "Shimen cave"
1) Take Train to Keelong ,
Transfer to any bus that going to Tamsui Direction and get off at "Shimen cave"

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