Sanyi Ruins | Remain of Long Teng Bridge

Yu Teng Ping Bridge which was the original name for Long Teng Bridge was 
built during the year 1907 by the Japanese.
The entire structure was built by brick work that spanning across the north and south train line running through the west of Taiwan to transport lumber.

The town of Yuteng
was superstitious about the story and believe on the Li yu Lake.
Yuteng was known as fish poisoning shrub which the locals believed that the shrub will be able to 
kill the fish monster that live nearby the lake of the town .
Thus, the locals plants alot of Yu teng around the town and named the mountain near the lake
as Guanyu's Crescent Blade Mountain due to its shape and as a symbol of 
defending against the monster.

 ( the OLDand the NEW)

During 24, April 1935,
the bridge was broken down by the magniture 7.1 Earthquake.
The bridges broken down into pieces and survived for a few years until the infamous 921 Earthquake
hit Taiwan during the year 1999.
In between the year 1935 and 1999, the government rebuilt a new bridge right next to the remains
to replace the ruins of Long Teng Bridge to continue the transportation of lumber.

so I am standing on the new bridge and taking picture with the new railway which
has stop functioning now.

Because of the strong earthquake on 24, April 1935, the epicenter which was near Mountain Guandao
has bring the biggest feedback to the Sanyi District including the bridge.
The reminder of the earthquake remains in the ruins of the arched bridge over the Long River

where it can be seen from railway line between Sanyi and Houli.

The Arch span that built by the brick work was the notable attraction for 
its heritage and aesthetic value of the visitors.
The earthquake severed the bridge at firth northermost pier 
and the remaining pier that left was the only 4 that stood still until today as per 27 July 2014.

The remain of Long Teng bridge then become the remarkable landmarks that 
remind the locals about the memorize the damage and 
lost of the two major earthquake that happened in Taiwan.
In addition, the Taiwan gorvernment decided to transform this place to join
Sheng Xing Train station as historical site and visitor attraction
in order to educate the publick about the history of this place.

lastly, Photo with the ruin bridge that showed that
I conquered it!
( i am actually standing on top of the Ruin bridge)