Hotel Toyo | Osaka | GOP

17 October 2014
The trip to the East of Asia
our First trip to Japan under the name of
university program
Global Outreach Program

There is 7 of us,
4 master and 3 degree students with one Lecturer
touching down the Nagoya International Chubu Airport.

We have our supper at on of the corner shop of the restaurant near the hotel toyo (Taschi Area)
The restaurant is very intimate and compact where
only a few people can have their meal here.
The space is maximise in the sense that everyone was 
supposed to stand at the table and have their meal quickly
(one of the eating culture here)

We have udon as our supper 
One type of noodle in Japan,
it cost us 300 Yen for this noodle.
Eventhough is kind of expensive,
the service is good enough and the boss is very friendly.

Then, we spend our first night at Japan
by wandering around at the street near our hotel
The night is windy and cold

The reception of the Hotel Toyo which is
pretty like a display area that designed by the young owner of the hotel.
One of the best thing for this hotel is the common room located beside the reception,
which provide kitchen, dining and living room.
There is interaction zone between other backpacker here.
The check out time for the hotel is 11.00am.
Besides, this hotel also provide Free public bathe for the guest at their sister hotel.

Their room is intimate and minimal where everyone can have their own space.
The privacy is good enough and the facility of each room is well considerate.
There is television and small wardrobe provided for each room.
Each floor there is a WC and refreshing area,
The bath room only provided at ground floor.

It is the best stay I ever experience in Japan throughout my 1 weeks trip there.