The sustainable IMAGE | JST.PTP | Johor

 JST stand for Japan Sorderless Terminal and it was established in year 1957. JST Malaysia Sdn. Bhd has 4 manufacturing plants at Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas (PTP) namely:-
I-Plant, N-Plant, U-plant and S-Plant.
N- Plant is the building that incorporated the sustainable technology into the architectural design which has the total built-up factory area of 40,150 sqm.

 JST N-plant is the first Green factory that found in Malaysia and has been well known for its great sustainable approach which then becomes the benchmarks for JST Company. However, according to the manager, En.Rosli, JST Company never aimed to achieve any green awards. The sustainable design consideration was took place to establish the New Image of JST company itself rather than those Green Award. 

 The concept of the N-Plant is the Raising of the layers of Shrubs. This is because the site used to be full of shrubs; the architect sees the opportunity of this to be a new image for the JST Company. Besides, the architect also incorporate his own interpretation of Malaysia architecture into the design. By hook or by crook, JST N-Plant has been a good case study for everyone to experience and to review its pro and con.


  1. may i know the different between i-plant, n-pant, s-plant and u-plant?

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