Japan | 日本 | Nihon

Japan is an island Nation that located at the eastern side of 
It is known as Nihon or Nippon in Japanese word.
The characters that make up Japan's name mean sun-origin which refer to land of Rising Sun.

It is a country that made up of 6852 islands.
It has the world's tenth-largest population with approximately 126 million people.
Japan is also a country that have an average of 1500 earthquakes yearly due to its location.

One of the thing that is so special about Japan is about its Public Transport.
The fastest train which is known as Bullet Train.

However, the public transport is very expensive here.
The distant between 2 station cost 180 Yen which is approximately RM6.
The actual distance between this 2 station is only 3km which
can be reached within 30 minutes by walking.

Therefore, it is very common to see Japanese riding a bicycle from one place to another place.
The bicycle can be find everywhere especially city like OSAKA.
Some places such as Namba which is the main city of the Osaka area even have bicycle parking area
which need to pay according to hour.

Another thing will be is abnormal culture compared to Malaysia.
According to data found in internet, there is about 5.52 million vending machines around the country.

Another thing that can be found at many places is the
it can be found at shopping street, restaraunt area or event the market area.

Japanese food culture is another interesting thing that is way different compared to my homeland, Malaysia.
Their convenient shop have everything that you would want to find,
especially the FOOD.
you can enjoy your breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper here!
They sell sashimi, bento, noodles, bread and all the food that you could find in restaurant
which cheaper price!

Talking about Japanese language,
there are three writing systems in the Japanese language which are

Another cultural shock is the Toilet in Japan.
The WC in Japan are very high technology where they use all 
the advance tech gadgets for the washroom and bidet.

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