Kuromon Ichiba | Osaka's Kitchen | Seafood Heaven |

Kuromon Market also known as
black gate market,
is one of the local market that can be find inside the Osaka city.

It used to be called as Emmeiji Market because there was once a
large temple called Emmeiji nearby the market. Since there used to be a 
black gate at the northeast site of this temple,
the market later known as "Kuromon Ichiba Market"

Kuromon-Ichiba is a 580 meter long market with 170 stalls that offer a vast majority
of foodstruffs range from meat,  vegetables, eggs, seafood and other ingredient from 
around the country  and abroad.
There was around half of total sales of the market are from the professional chef.
Thus the market also known as Osaka's kitchen since it opened
in the mid-Taisho Period (1912-1926)
However, it also cater for general public and visitor.

The Japanese pickles!

The market is located at the south side of Chuo Ward, Osaka city
which can be easily accessed by a 2 -minute walk from subway Nippombashi station.
The market is located 10-15 minutes walk away from the Shinsaibaishi or Dotonbori area.
It is operated only until 6pm daily.

Kuromon Ichiba market provide a wide variety of ingredient and ready-eat food as well.
There is some restaurants and stalls are serving lunch like curry and noodles.
Eat-in shops for shushi or fresh seafood over rice also served in or outside of shops.
Grilled fish, shellfish and meat that give off mouth-watering aromas to the crowd.

After the local market visit, I feel the cultural different between Malaysia and Japan.
Japanese local market considered the human shopping behaviour and shaping
their shopping culture into another level.
The market street included different typology of shops and restaurant
that give the visitors and shoppers a better shopping experience.
There are great markets and several public spaces linked to each other,
including transit concourses and shopping centers.
The realm of public space emphasizes the safety, friendly, useful and 
well-considerate of what a market should have.
It is definitely a must-go-place to visit and I will be back again.

For those who interested can refer more information on the official website below: