Osakajo | Landmark of Osaka | Japanese Tangilble Culture

Osaka Castle was one of the main landmarks in Osaka.
It was illuminated after the dark to be the hierarchy of the night
from a great distance. In addition, the site cover more than 100 ha of land
because the castle was designed to become the center 
of a new, unified Japan under Toyotomi rule.

Travelling within the Osaka Castle definitely will spend a lots of time
in walking and approaching the main castle from the train station.
The journey along the site is the main focus on this visit
rather than the destination.

The castle covers an approximately 105.6 ha lawn park (Nishinomaru Garden)
which features 600 cherry trees, a tea house and the former Osaka Guest house.
Osaka Municipal Museum are located around the site which presents the culture and 
history Osaka. There is a waterways running around the castle which
provide water bus services for 1 hour cruise in the river that flows through the city.

Osakajo was the largest castle at the time.
However, the main castle was struck by ligtening in year 1665 and burnt down.
It was then reconstructed with the present ferro-concrete until year 1931.
The construction of Osaka Castle started in year 1583 on the former site of
 Ishiyama Honganji Temple.
The castle is now houses and informative museum about the castle's history and Toyotomi Hideyoshi.
The first to seventh floors display the various weopons, armors and folklife items of those days.
The highest floor which is thee 8th floor contain a viewing spot.

Osaka castle is surrounded by gates, stone walls and moats.
The steep stone wall rises up to 30 meters high to provide the visitors
for a wonderful panoramic view to the Osaka.
The roof are designed referring to the Japan Samurai style.
The ornamental roof tiles and reliefs carve in the shaped of tigers 
gilded with gold.

There is food stalls at the entrance of the castle which selling
the traditional Japanese food for the visitors.
Throughout the travel within this historical site of Osaka,
I try to understand and observe the tangible culture from my point of view.
Strolling around the garden and castle by myself to 
experience and feel the different atmosphere of the historical site.
Osaka castle give me a totally different thoughts for my entire Japan trip.
Travelling is not only about the destination but the journey.
Wondering around the castle garden consider an enjoyment for me.