A Zone | Hualien Creative & Cultural Park

My Taiwan Round Island trip started from 23.8.14 until 3.9.2014
from east coast to west coast back to Ban qiao, Xinbei , Taiwan.
and Hualien was my first station.

Taiwan was once famous with its cultural activity.
Establishment of the Cultural park  in this country is very common
as this can help in preserving and conserving the tradition and culture.

A Zone which located in Zhong Hua road, Hualien County
is a creative park that has one hundred years history.
The cultural park consists of old warehouses, old winery factory and laboratory.

A zone provide special theme of art exhibition and music performance every weekend
 for the resident of Hualien and visitor to enjoy and appreciate it.
During our visit, one of the warehouse was fully occupied by people
as there is live performance going on.
The visitors can buy a drink at the bar area which is beside the stage area and
have a seat at the middle of the hall.
The hall design intervene the old timber and steel structure  of the warehouse
which successfully  preserve the old cultural
asset of nation and promote more cultural exhibition in local area.

Another interesting aspect that we found is the 
intervention of Laboratory which has been converted into a theme- cafe.
The cafe utilise the existing architecture elements and preserve
the laboratory atmosphere by using 
the glass bottle, test tube and beaker as cup.
Some of the glass bottle was used as decorative element to
recall and resemblance the history of the building. 

One of the thing that attract me the most was the small details of the 
sink design where the owner actually adding in the planter box on top of the
mosaic tile table. Glasses and old ceramic plate or bowl were display around it either
buried in the grass or placed on the cabinet.

The outdoor area are open everydays.
The exhibition hall are open from Monday to Sunday 11.00 - 21.00
The other shop may need to refer to the shop owners.

For those who are interested, you can visit here for more information.