Paposogan | Seashore park | Taitung

Paposogan is a bamboo sculpture that constructed at Taitung seaside, the Seashore park.
Paposogan means "over the hill" which is origin from the word Poson ( Amis language)
The park integrates landscape with public art,
portrays the unique culture, history and nature of Taitung.

The paposogan is maden from Bamboo and steel which become one of the main nodes
and landmarks in the city of Taitung.
During daytime, it greets the first light of morning due to its strategic location at the 
seashore of east coast.
At nights, its colorful light shines as if looking forward to the vision of the world.

The design aim to strikes the balance between both art and culture of Taiwan 
as a unique island country.
The structure was located at the seashore park and it
focus on (human) as the main space.
The spaces were designed together with the surrounding site
which is the sea in order to show the co-existence of both human and nature.
The visitor can come here, listen to the sea wave, view the seashore and feel the sea.

Taiwan consists of different type of indigenous people especially at the Taitung county.
This sculpture try to bring the message of the equilibrium status where all the people from
different culture and background comes together and support the nation.

The Sculpture can be divided to two part which is the ramps and staircase,
this resemblance the gathering of the two different power.
The roof utilise the Dome or sphere shape to represent
the meaning of UNITY.

The entire structure is supported by the slanted coloumn and this main coloumn which 
covered by the bamboo. This bring the meaning of the ROOTS which normally
remind the people about the importance of one's life and 
their motivation on living upward for better hope.

Paposogan combine human, sea, culture, history and art, 
giving the seashore park a new kind of LIFE during daytime and nightime.