Golden Wave of Daylilies | Hualien, Yuli, Mt Chike

Daylilies also known as the "Golden- Needle Floweres" for their golden stems 
and " day flower" which only take a day to blossom.
The flowers were often harvested for local home cooking due to its high nutrient value.
In addition, it also used for an effective treatment in calming the nerves.

Daylilies were orginally found only in high- altitude location until the announcement of
development of a new food species by the , COA's Taitung District Agricultural research
on the year 1990. Consequently, the number of cultivation of daylilies increases.

Daylilies normally last only two to three months during summer season.
Thus, the farmer will grow other species of flower at different times of the year
in order to attract constant tourist all the time.

Daylilies lose their harvest value once the flowers bloom,
Therefore, the farmer need to be there early to harvest them as soon as possible.
Meanwhile, The bloomed flower will be preserved purely under the
government subsidies as for tourism purposes.

The harvested dayliles will be spread out on the ground or roof 
to dry under the sun before it is cooked or consumed.

Many Restaurant around and in the Chike Mountain will be serving a wide range of 
daylilies dishes, Besides, they also will sell the relevant product as shown in the picture below. 

Fried daylilies which cost NTD 100 was delicious,
a must try snack for those who visited the Golden Flower sea bed here.