Sunrise | Xincheng, Hualien, Taiwan

I began my journey to
round the Taiwan Island.
I spend my night at Su xi Cottage, Xincheng,
one of the town nearby Hualien.
The hostel just located 10minutes walking distance 
from the seaside.

Hualien located at the east coast of Taiwan,
which mean sunrise can be easily view from the seaside.

4 o'clock on the morning,
I wake up and took my equipment, the tripod and camera,
took off to the seaside.
I totally have no idea where should i go but 
to follow the east direction.

The sound of seawave,
the smell of seashores, 
become my guidance to hunt for sunrise.
I arrived the seasides within 10minutes 
and sitting down at the bench
to observe the wonderful view of the nature.

What we see depend on
What we look for.
After 2 hour of waiting,
the sun finally coming out yet 
still hiding behind the cloud.

the most precious gold to be found on Earth.

Here, I have heard, a little thing called sunrise,
in which the sun reverses the process we all viewed the night before.
You might assume such a thing as mythical as those beasts that guard the corners of the earth,
but I have it on the finest authority, and have,
indeed, from time to time, 
regarded it with my own eyes.