Beitou | the Home of Hot Spring

Hot Spring was found at places where there is volcanic activity.
Taiwan, an island, a country which formed 
by the rose of sea levels about 10,000 years ago are characterized
by the mountains and river within itself.

Beitou district is the northernmost of twelve districts in Taipei City which 
has abundant of hot spring resource which provide the 
visitors and residents a place to relax.
Since Taiwan's climate is Marine Tropical and seasonal,
it is best for people to enjoy hot spring especially during Winter time.

The hotspring in Beitou is acidic which is around PH 2.5 to 6.5
and the temperature varies between 37C to 40C.
These spring can be classified into three main category which is
Blue Sulfur Sprin, Iron Sulfur Spring and White Sulfur Spring.

Hot Springs in Beitou can be reachable through the MRT ( New Beitou Station)
The attraction apart from hotspring such as the hotspring museum, Beitou Library and Hell valley
are all located along the Xingyi Street which is around 20minutes walking distance from MRT.
The largest hot-spring area in Asia under Japanese rule can be found
at here which is known as Beitou park. (the picture below)

Every type of spring have its own function,
White Sulfur Spring
Good for skin disease
Eg: Hushan Village and XIngyi Road in Beitou

Blue Sulfur Spring 
Effective to muscle aches
Eg: Hell Valley

Iron Sulfur Spring
Effective to nerve aches and rheumatism.
Eg : Hushan Village, Lonfeng Spring, Fenghuang Spring
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