Malaysian Day 2014 | BBQ | Desaru Beach

16 September 2014
Malaysian Day
The day which the East Malaysia  (Sabah & Sarawak Join the Peninsular)
Another Holiday for us,

It was my first time to spend this day with the so-called
1 Malaysian friend!
Indian, Malay, Chinese and (Lain-Lain)
The four main races in Malaysia
gather together and went to the Desaru beach 
and spend our time together,
Barbeque, playing games, and chit-chating whole night

We begin our journey from UTM at 4pm and we arrived at desaru public beach.
The entrance fee for a car before 7pm is Rm4 per car.
however, the price will go crazy until Rm10 per head after 7pm!
(p/s; it supposed to be a PUBLIC beach but it still charged by some private sector?)

Regardless, the maintenance of the washroom and the facility is poor and disappointing,
we still enjoy our First outing for this semester.

September was a good season for people to play
the kite at the beach due to the Monsoon wind.
The kite is selling at Rm10 at the roadside.

Apart from the those activity,
our main purpose to come to the beach was to enjoy and relax
before the headache semester begin.
Here is some of the (hiao) photos of my friends
who insist me to help them photoshoot this kind of pose.....
#1 YQ facing the wind
#2 YQ "smiling"
#3 Michelle  
#4 Michelle  jump shoot

#5 Michelle and Fatin Jump Shoot

#6 Michelle and Yq After effect Shoot

#7 Group Jump Shoot

#8 Group Shoot

#9 Group after effect Shoot

#10 Group Jump Shoot

The barbeque session started after we found a spot,
Amin was the one who start the fire
and others start helping each other on preparing the food.

Camp fire on progress!

Fatin and Azie BBQ the food 

Our dinner!!!

The combination of music from Guitar and seawave,
by the beach!

10.00pm, we started to tidy up our things
and leaving the beach..
back to the reality...