Golden Flower Bed | Hualien, Yuli, Mt Chike

The third day of my Round Island trip,
7am in the morning I took the train and reach
Yuli Station.

By paying NTD 1700, I book a taxi and go up to Mountain Chike for 4 hours,
just to record down the Beauty of the Nature
( Taxi is the only way to go up to the mountain for those who
dont have driving licence)
The Golden Flower bed that filling up the entire Mountain.
( NTD 1700 means alot to me, but i never regret it,
it is still advisable if you could go in a small group so that 
your friend can spare the taxi fare with you)

The blooming of the daylilies introducing the visitor a brand new day.

Every year between August and September,
A sea of golden flowers wave will be blooming on the Mt.Chike.
Summer season was the period which the Dayliles blooming,
Daylilies also know and 'carefree flower' as they bloom at morning and close at night.
They area very easy to be grown at mountain (altitudes of 900meter above sea level),
with the appearance of mist and fertile red soil.

A beauty for a day.
The nickname of the daylilies because once the flower is
bloomed, it will not have any economical value to the farmer anymore  
since it can not be cultivated for consumption.

The Golden colour of sea flower wave produce 
elegant and magnificent view with the surrounding environment.

The Full bloom dayliles create a wonderful scenery 
together with the beautiful landscape which then become another art piece of the Nature.