Action | Pavilion of Dream | A dream Journey in Taipei

Action at Pavilion of Drams is the Island of dream 
where there are all kinds of dream.
Through a unique customized journey of dreams,
through time and space, a true self with unlimited potential will be reborn.
A journey to understand what is in ourselves
and seek back the energy for tomorrow's action.

The entrance plaza of the pavilion portraying sustainable 
architecture and technology. Green wall and rain water harvesting system was 
applied in this building. The design also include the landscape and water elements
which help to cool down the surrounding temperature. 
Recycled material such as bottle were used in certain part to
demonstrate and carry the message of the importance of recycle and renew to save the world.
The Pavilion is divided into a few section which 
allow the visitor to experience the journey of dream.
Besides, it also display Taiwan's first-class technology and digital interaction.

Grand hall - Island of Dream
The hall was the Dream palace where
visitor can experience the journey of little rain drops
and how it become rainbow,
The colourful pillars reflect the adventure of everyone's dream.

Gallery one - The square of Aspiration
This gallery display small building block which was built up with
a series of dream and people's wishes.
With the use of the "Dream Time Machine" 
the visitor can record the dream story by shooting continuously to the screen.

Gallery 2 - The Hall of Cooperation
The visitor are asked to do some interactive activity 
which can see the crystal as splendid as dreams

Gallery 3 - The Station of Courage
Youbike- Taipei's latest mobile image was incorporated into this gallery.
This creative design allowed the visitor to experience by riding a bike
and join the adventure tour with others.
Where there is a dream, there is a direction

Gallery 4- The Terminal of Action
Fly with Dreams,
Toward a better tomorrow.
At the last station,
The visitor are heading towards their own dream by 

It was a fantastic dream Journey for me
A wonderful experience,
I am lucky because the Exhibition is still there when i visiting it

Exhibition period : 2013.08.31 - 2014.08.31
Location: Taipei Flora Expo Park, Xinsheng Park Area

Tuesday to Friday 0900 - 1700
Saturday to Sunday 0900-2000
Close on Monday

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