Axis | Exit | Shi-san Hang Museum

The museum of archaeology of Taiwan located at Bli district of New Taipei city.
The museum display the artifacts that conserved from Shi-san hang archaelogical site.

The museum is accessible by taking bus ( Red13)  from Guan du MRT Station.
Along the way, visitor will pass by the Guan Du Bridge which is very significant and painted in red.

The huge skylight that allow the daylighting to
penetrate into the lowest floor of the building and acts
as a chimney, the hierarchy elements of the entire building.

The museum is located at the foot of the Guanyin Mountain near Tamsui River mouth.
The archaeology was found between 500-1800 years ago which is the Iron Age.

The museum was design to lead the visitor to the higher level of the place where two different block is connected by a bridge.
The bridge was known as bridge of time which allow the visitor
to travel back through time to explore the culture of Shi san hang.
It include the journey of their ancestor from China to Taiwan.

The exit which is built in axial way that pointing towards outside.
Becoming a projecting and unidentical way of exit