Mt. Yang Ming | the silvergrass getaway | Taiwan

2014. 7. 5
After having my breakfast around 11am,
i took off from Ban Qiao by taking MRT to Taipei Station,
from here head to the north gate and hoop on to bus
206 to get to the station of Mt Yang Ming
the bus fare was about TWD 150 and it took aproximately 40 minutes to reach the Mountain.
once we reach the final station which is the Mt Yang Ming,
there is several bus services provided to travel around the mountain as indicated in the photos above,
I took the bus 108, the fare was about TWD150 which allow the passenger to travel from the starting point
and turn big round back to it.
Meanwhile, we can have the right to get down to any station as we want to.

The first station i went was 小油坑
the formation of hot spring which cause by eruption of the ground movement

the architecture at the mountain top was mostly dominated by the red brick construction
where the opening was built up by the chinese style aluminium casing 

Apart from the public transport,
for those who like to do hiking,
the jungle trail and the mountain trail is provided and well maintained under the management of national park.
The dotted line indicate the human walking trail whereas the solid line indicate the bus travel route.

The Final station will be the  擎天崗大草原
which is the BIG GRASS field at the top of the mountain

the way to go up to the grass field lead by the well paved pathway!

the scenery of the mt yang ming!

the building that cater for public to have talk and activity especially on workshop explaining the history
and background of the Mt Yang Ming. It also used to take care the cow at the field.

Jungle trail is also provided for people to trek and walk around,

one of the thing i spotted during my jungle trekking which truly amazed me!
the 'cocoon' 

The waterfall was the part which attracted me to take the trail from the grass field
instead of taking bus and go back to the main station.