Night Trail to the West | Hongludi

I took MRT all the way to Nanshijiao
(Zhonghe-xinlu | orange Line)
,Then, I met my friend, Kelly 
and have our dinner in the Xingnan night market.
We have Teppanyakki as our main course for the dinner which cost us NT180.
Then, we bought some snacks and drinks before we move on to next destination. 

The pork bun is absolutely delicious and it is very worthy! NT450
The best 'snack' that contain peanuts i ever have so far!
Then we head on to the bus station and hop on 607 or 249 to reach our destination of the night.
We start of hiking trail around 8.30pm and we reach the top of the hill around 9.30pm

At the top of the Hongdilu is the Nanshan Fude Temple which is dominated by the Earth god Statue.
This landmark is visible from many places nearby.
Besides, The temple is always bustling with people praying and making offerings.
One of the reason was because of the night view and the accessibility of this place.

The awesome night view of Taipei city from the peak of the Hongdilu.
Starry night which refer to the building lights up the entire city.
Eventhough the hiking trail is tiring but it is really worthy for us to climb all the way up to here.

This place was famous with the temple and the landmarks Earth God Statue.
In addition, the S-road that make the place easily accessible also become another great spot
that attract many photographer to visit here.
Since it was my first and only time i visit here,
for sure, I tried my best to have my best shoot.
Too bad the weather and the environment doesnot allow me to have a better shoot,
but i do enjoy taking photo at this place!

Great thanks to this zha bo for taking me to this place,
climbing up the hill for 1 hour and she is exhausted like climbing up a Mountain
thanks so much Kelly! (niu) for this Breath taking view of taipei city!
at least i help u to get enough exercise for this week!