Tamsui Art Gallery | New dimension of Art

Tamsui district located at northen sea-side of New Taipei City.
The name originated from the River which means Fresh Water = Tamsui River.
The town is famous as a tourist and nature spot where it gather art, culture, history and nature ( river front where visitor can view sunset into Taiwan Strait. 

Tamsui River is connected with Guan Du by Red Guan Du Bridge for land transportation.
Boat are provided for water transportation and it allow the visitor 
to have a view to the surrounding site of the Tamsui River.

Tamsui as its location which is near to the sea,
it is then famous with seafood.
The seashell is the must try food in Guan du or Tamsui aside from the iron egg and cripsy fish.
The above dish cost us NTD 200.

The blending culture of the architecture and culture influence from
both East and West had carved Tamsui to its features today.
The local artist with their patience and passion successfully
bring Tamsui more vitality into daily life.

Tamsui Art Gallery was constructed to provide Tamsui with an international platform
which connect the current Tamsui Old Street, Historical Museum with the modern Art and culture.

The Entrance of the Art gallery which also function as
souvenir stall.

The current exhibition of Portrait of the
Old Taiwanese locals people.

The design of the gallery incorporate green concept
which utilise large scale of window opening to enable more
daylighting enter the gallery.
In addition, Solar panel was used to harvest solar energy which
also acts as skylight especially at the Solar Chimney part.
The solar chimney is layered by copper material which reflect the lights into lower ground floor.
Vertical Transportation such as Lift and Staircase are built aside so that daylighting can
become the guide light for visitor to go through the gallery.
The solar chimney then become the Hierarchy element of the building
which then form the new landmarks of the Tamsui District.

The integration of the history, art, culture and the natural environment of Tamsui
is important to be portrait by releasing the tourism potential of its characteristic.
Tamsui art gallery with is original intention linking the surrounding spaces,
then create a landmarks for the district.
An area that provide a platform for artist to live without wall and boundaries.

Location: No. 298, Zhongzhen Road, Tamsui District, New Taipei City 251, Taiwan (R.O.C)
               reached by foot 10 minutes walk from Tamsui MRT station
Entrance fee: Free
Opening Hour:  Monday - Friday 0930 - 1700
                       Saturday - Sunday 0930 - 1800
Telephone : +886 226282610