Urban Connection | Da an Park Station | Taiwan

Daan Park station is a metro station located in Daan District, Taipei, Taiwan.
It is on the Xinyi Line (red line) beneath Xin yi Road, section 3.
It is located at the northern end of the Daan Forest Park.
It is one of the new station which opened on 24 November 2013.
The time i visited this station was 8 September 2014.

 Daan Park station was nominated as the most beautiful metro station in taipei
due to its architecture elements and the urban intervention that is done 
to connect the Daan Forest park.

The design theme of this station is
"Forest Revolution : the City and Park Conversing"
The station is a two-storey building with an island platform that radiate out from the underground station.
The sunken garden was one of the key elements that make the building significant.

Besides, water elements also act as a buffer and masking for the traffic noise beside the main road.
The connection of the sunken garden from inside to outside successfully blending the park with the metro station. The sunken garden bridging the hall with ring-shaped corridor, pond and cascade with a circular plaza which has the installation art piece such as the frogs.

Ring-shaped corridor was designed to surround the sunken plaza which allow public activity to be happen
at the center of the sunken plaza.
Light towers can be found at both sides of the train station which fully utilize the glass for 
natural ventilation and lighting.
The Opening design was main composite of fix and top hung window.
The exit of the metro station leading to the main pedestrian walkway with cycling path,
Seats and observation deck was provided between the two tower.