Salt Field Eco-Culture Village | Sihcao Wetland


we visited the Salt Field Eco-culture Village which located at Sihcao, Tainan.
This village was used to be Anshun Salt factory.

It was the first Salt industry of Taiwan built in 1919 during Japanese colonization.

In October  2002, the residents around the site move away from this village and 
the entire area turned into eco-culture village. Similarly, 
The salt industry of this area go into history and becoming a new destination for both local and international tourist. In addition, they also establish a few station where the visitor can experiencing the process of salt harvesting by paying NT50.

The establishment of Sihcao Wetland and eco-culture village create an opportunity
for government to connect the nature with man-made world that is full of history and education purposes. in year 2002, The government cooperated with local people and design this
salt field eco-culture village where 335 hectares of Sihcao wildlife preserve area are included.
The result were the combination of historical &  cultural creativities and the natural ecologies.
The visitor can visit the salt industry, salt field culture and bird watching at the same time.

This village also function as a community center during that time.
Thus, the planning including a few category of houses.
The site, Sihcao was established as Wetland and preserved area by Tainan Techonology Industry park due to its history and the flooding season. 

 4 Working houses also created by adapting the existing houses with the culture's worker in order to demonstrate the originality of the old factory such as carpenter, wood sculpture, embroidery and contexture culture.

The famous Salt baked Egg that is cooked by immersing the egg within the salt until it cooked.
The egg is dehydrated due to the osmosis process and it become very elastic yet not salty.
They selling it at NT20 for one.

The main reason that drive me to this place eventhough we lack of time was
my design concept years ago.
Living capsule that utilize salt harvesting as their living mechanism,
If you are interested you may also visit the link below and know more about our design based on salt harvesting mechanism,
seaphera _ salt desalination center