Miaoli Park | Home of Hakka Cultural Center Museum

Hakka was one of the main population in Taiwan which made up 1/5 of the Han people.
In year 2012, May 12, hakka cultural Center Museum was opened
as respond to the main aim of the Hakka Culture Development Center of Taiwan.
The park was designed to promote interaction and understanding toward Hakka culture and tradition 
through museum exhibition and education.

The Building was built on top of 11.2 hectare of land which main building program
include exhibition halls, Amphitheater and library.
The architect utilise large amounts of glass on exterior part of the building
to reflect the surrounding environment.
At the same time, the building will be able to blend in with the local terrain
which reflect the Hakka Tradition of respecting the gods and cherishing the land, protecting the nature.

Since the site is slope, the design of the museum took advantage on it by having different level of exhibition hall. Visitor can arrive the museum by crossing the glass bridge or
Going down through the open amphitheater.

Miaoli Park is located in Miaoli Tongluo Science Park, positioned as a global Hakka cultural and industrial exchange and research center for cultural preservation, industrial development and tourism exchange. With an advanced architectural appearance, scientific and technological elements, and an energy-saving and reducing-carbon policy, the architectural design meets the nine green building indicators and has been awarded with the "gold-level candidate for green building certificate.” The park has set up a permanent display area, special exhibition galleries (Taiwan Gallery, Globe Gallery, Children Gallery, Cultural Creativity Industry Gallery, and camphor industry special exhibition), the Hakka library information center and a multimedia theater, all to display and promote Hakka collections, Hakka industries, and multicultural education. In response to the development trend, the park has abandoned the traditional business model of displaying historical and cultural relics; instead, it combines diversified curatorial methods, such as interactive multimedia, performances, experiences and activities, to show the rich and brilliant Hakka culture.

Miao li Hakka Cultural park was designed to be the Landmark for
both Miao li District and Hakka Community.
Due to the site condition, the interior part of the cultural center
was designed to be a huge ramp or sloped area so that it 
reflect back the original site condition which is the rolling hills.
Besides, he designed was enhance by the outdoor space and the main exhibition hall.
The site condition give opportunity to the architect to have landscape and water element
which then create another wonderful view of terrace sceneries.

The main entrance from the bridge lead to the permanent exhibition hall on second floor .
Multimedia interactive exhibition hall is located at first floor which can be reached by going through the open amphitheater. Special exhibition such as Global center, Children center and cultural  center 
can be found at this floor as well.