Taipei 101 | The Heart of Taiwan

The heart of taiwan will be the place where
Taipei 101 stood still today
which is the Xin Yi district,
Just Like other city of the country,
it filled with highrise tower and artificial lighting at the night. 

Xin Yi District mostly consists of office and residential tower. It is also they shopping district within
heart of Taipei. Xin yi District was occupied mainly by the American chain restaurant such as
TGIF, Chillis and etc which can be found in Malaysia as well.
However, I still prefer the local taiwanese food and so,
I went to the "Zhi Gao" restaurant which is a historical restaurant within that area.

The place i have my dinner with Egg
the pork outlet which sell almost all the pork meat product
here is my dinner  of the day!
hardly found in Malaysia and this cost me TWD 100

After the dinner, we walk around the city and finally we come to see all kind of 
art installation which is really in a huge amount compared to Malaysia.

night view of the building stand out from distance.

However, this small plaza caught my eye!The graveyard at the middle of city?

It is actually the place where the bicycle will park!
Taipei is famous with its efficient transportation system.
In order to promote green and sustainable living,
they started the bicycle rental system years ago.
In the Xin yi District,"U BIKE" system was introduced.

Most of the people will rent the bike and cycle from one stop to another stop.
We can register the account through online.
The payment will be pay through the card " You You Card" which is similar system like Touch N Go in Malaysia.

There is also information center provided at the side of this 'graveyard'

The night in Xin Yi district with all the highrise tower of Taipei, Taiwan

One thing i like the most in taiwan is the urban design consideration,
where seatings and greenary were provide along the plaza and walkways.
most of the design was human-orientated.

 Another lighting installation near the shopping mall

Taipei 101 off the lights at 9pm,
and so... there is no photo of taipei 101 with lights! so i replace the photo with the photo below~

I will definitely visit here again so that i can capture the beauty of taipei 101 tower!
so this end my 7th day of travel in Taiwan!

Finally, thanks Egg so much for bringing me around Taipei!
it is so great to have such a friend in my life :D