Waterfront city | Tamsui | Taiwan

it took me 1 hour to reach Tam hui from my working place, Yong He District
Arriving at Tam Sui Metro station which is the last station of Xin  yi Line,
(red line MRT)

The first visit was the
old street of Tam sui which look like the normal night market area.
8pm at the night i arrive at tam sui heading to tam sui old street and waterfront to meet my 
taiwan friend, Egg Huang, Best friend and tour guide ever!
We have A-Gei (阿给) and Tamsui fish balls as our dinner there.
A-Gei is a dishes of deep fried toufu which is stuff with flavoured crystal noodles and sealed with fish paste.
It is then served with a sweet and spicy sauce.
Tamsui fish balls are fish paste that stuffed with pork meat and garlic serve in light broth.
Iron eggs and Fish crips are the local snacks and souvenirs in Tamsui which everyone will buy and 
bring back to their hometown.
Iron eggs are eggs that have been repeatedly stewed in a mix of spices and air dried.
The famous iron eggs store is Grandma's Tiedan in the old street.
Fish crisps are fish snacks that deep fried into cripsy crackers.
Things that attract me the most was the old style of game and food stalls.
The junk food and the sweets that selling here was completely 'history' to me,
some we might be able to see in Malaysia.
it is really a bless to have such kind of business to continue functioning
in the city of taiwan especially at this kind of hotspot.

After travelling at the Tamsui Ferry Pier and Waterfront,
we took the bus , R26 to go to the Fisherman Wharf and valentine bridge.

Here i am!
thanks to Egg who willing to bring me to come to visit this wonderful bridge
at 10pm! we took bus from tamsui MRT and approximately 30minutes of travel distance to reach Valentine Bridge.

According to my friend, this was known as "Dumpling stone" by them,
most of the riverside will use this kind of man-made stone to prevent the wave erode thee bridges or riveside.

The pedestrian bridge was well paved and the steps were designed 
to be very low about 50mm height which
ease the walking purposes.

happy Travelling in 6th day of my journey in Taiwan!
thanks to Egg once again!