Gongliao Ho Hai Yan Rock Festival 2014

8th day of my journey in Taiwan,
have such a honour to have my friend, Yakki to be my companion to go road trip
around New Taipei City,
We have our dinner before heading to the Ho Hai Yan Rock Festival which held at the beach in Gong Liao, Fu long, New Taipei, Taiwan.

Here is our dinner which bought at the Fu Long Train Station and costs us around NT 60.
Ho - Hai - Yan Rock Festival 2014 is the 15th annual coastal events that held on summer season by New Taipei City. The term " Ho Hai Yan" was known as sea wave in the language of Taiwan Indigenous Amis Tribe.  This festival was one of the three major music festivals in Taiwan which requires no fancy clothing or decoration, most important thing is that his festival is totally free!
Everyone can join this events and the beach is opened for swimming until 5.30pm.
The overall event last for 5days from 2pm to 11pm. The Perfoming stage is built on the internal and external Fulong bathing beach. The primary aim of this festival is to create a sense of Belonging to Asian community. Thus, everyone is invited to this event including underground music bands from oversea or local.
This event normally held on the second weekend of July in order to attract 
more youth to travel to the beach during summer season. 
The theme of the festival is
" Appreciating Indie Music At the Ocean".
It is the combination of international music competition and performance.

The festival successfully blendin the natural environment with music and art at the bathing beach which is approximately 60meters wide and 3,000 meters long.
The visitors are allowed to rent for various water sports during daytime.
During night time, the music festival will be the main focal point together with the
night market at the side which selling the foods, drinks and most importantly, the alcohol!

The collaboration of all different brand of alcohol in taiwan or oversea also part of the 
sponsorship of this festival. They actually selling 3 taiwan beer at NT100 which is very cheap compared to 
Malaysia! In addition, they also give the lighting ballon and bands which make the entire
event even more exciting!

The music competition end around 10pm together with the price ceremony.
It is such a pleasure to have the chance to enjoy the performance by 
Crowd Lu, LU Guang Zhong just infront the stage as the last show of the day!

His performance definitely bring everyone to the peak of the exciting moments!

The firework show was the ending part of the festival during that night.
it was very memorable way to mark my second weekend on Taiwan!

 11.30pm, the event officially ended.
 Everyone heading back to their home either by train or private transportation. 
The bridge that connecting the main land and and the beach was full of the people during that night.
Everyone looks tired but I am sure that everyone enjoy the festival!
This mark the end of my day one Railway Trip.

Special thanks to Yakki!
thanks for coming all the way from Ping Tung and bringing me around :D