Forest bathing in Beitou Library

Beitou Library is the taiwan public Library branch that built years ago.
This library was the first "green" library that integrated sustainable architecture approach.
The library located next to the Beitou Hot Spring Museum.

The library was completed and opened to public in November 2006.
The green environment that include the lush green and the eco-pond around the building
attract many visitor to this library

The architect incorporate the passive design with timber sun shading devices 
by using louver and french windows which allow natural lighting to enter the library.
The building mainly constructed by using timber which successfully blends with the surrounding environment.

The building utilised solar panel to generate energy which can store up to 16Kw of power.
rain water was harvested by the slanted roof for toilet flushing and irrigation system.
Besides, balcony and corridor are provided around the building which allow
small buffer area between interior and exterior to be directly contacted.
The balcony enable the visitor to have the view to surrounding,
also act as overhang which provide shading to the interior reading area.

Design In detail,
The multiple use of different type of timber and steel create balance 
between each other.
The crucial part is the jointing part which is neatly done.