Tree House | the living architecture of Anping, Tainan

An ping Tree house is located in the heart of historical city of An ping town where the Anping Fort ( Gubao), Ancient s treet, Tian hou palace, Anping Harbor are around it.

The warehouse was used for Tait  & company and the Japan Salt Company during old time.
The decline of salt industry after World War II cause the building to fell into disrepair.
The warehouse then been abandoned for years until the banyan tree occupied it and causes the brick wall collapsed. The aerial roots and trunks of the banyan tree took 200 years
to blend with the building and eventually took over the walls, openings and ground.
The tree has now become part of the structure
where the trunk act as support, branches as opening, shades as roof,
the existing brick wall has now become a painting where the nature blend with the man made.
This environmental determinism architecture has been overtaken by the Banyan tree which look
like the Ta Prohm that i Visited in Cambodia year ago. 

However, before the tree hose become the tourist attraction place.
The local was not favour with this place because they believe that
banyan aerial roots bring negative energy and this
become a barrier for them to enter the houses.
The Anping Tree house was once known as the "haunted house" for years until it
is officially opened to public in year 2004 as the project of the National Anping Harbor Historic Park.

The Tree trunks and branches are very complicated and it is very difficult
to identify the way the grow within the building.
They could travel through the wall, roof or within it and eventually
causes most of the building part collapse.
Conversely, the aerial roof of the banyan Tree climb down the brick wall and
becoming a tree-wall.

It is now become a famous place for both local resident and visitor to come here as the tree house become a park as it is free admission of them. The admission fee for public visitor is NT 100,
student price will be NT50.

The banyan tree climb all the way from roof to wall then to the ground and form its own structures. The brickwall turn into a tree wall with the branches weaving from one place to another.

The architect preserve the building by integrating the Steel column and i beam to support the brickwall and roof structure.

The ending part of the structure often designed as a square (metal box) which
provide seating area and viewing deck for the visitor
to appreciate the architecture as well as the nature.

meanwhile, metal staircase and viewing platfrom added into the building in order to 
frame the view of this time-machine.

The Visitor can view the warehouse from up to down within the area.
The design is minimalist where the building material are limited to steel, timber and metal mesh only.
The addition of the viewing platform and steel structure adds alot to the walking experience as well as
the architecture part.

The metal box came across the warehouses and lead to the end where it capture the view of surrounding site and the YanShun river opposite it.

Operating Time : Monday to Sunday 8.30am - 5.30Pm
Contact number : (06) 3913901
Location: No194, Anbei road, Anping District, Tainan City