Rao He Night Market | Rainbow bridge

Rao he Street Night market is one of the oldest night markets in Songshan District, Taipei, Taiwan. 
It is located on Raohe Street, near Songshan MRT station, and it is about 600 meter long.
(source: wiki)
It is normally opened at 5.00pm until 12am midnight.

Ci You Temple was located at the east end of the market
which is normally seen from far once you get out from the MRT station of Songshan.

Besides that, on the other end, Wu fen pu are just nearby which is the 
largest garment wholesale market place in Taipei.
They always restock on Monday and Friday, so for those who would like to shopping
and buy alot of clothes do take note :)

Wu fen Pu was known as
"Five pieces of land" due to its histry on year 1958.
It was the year where taiwan experience the most serious typhoon and causes 80% of Taipei city
was underwater. It was then taiwan goverment donated an area in Wufenpu to 
settle those victim and thus, 1200 one and a half story temporary home was establish.
It is now the largest clothing commercial zone in taiwan where
approximately 1000 shops can be found in this area.
It i almost close to half of CKS memorial hall in size.
It can be reach by taking tain station to Songshan and head to South exit and turn to the left.

Wufenpu is open for everyday which means 7 days a week.Each shop have their own opening times. (11am - 12am)
However, they will normally close aafter 9pm on Sunday.

The entrance of Rao he Street market was the located at east side which is 
always filled up by crowd due to the famous Pepper meat buns.

Most of the food here are selling at low and affordable prices but 
do take note on the things that you want to buy before you visit here.
The crowd is terrible especially during 7-9pm (dinner time)

Thanks to Mumu who join me and debbie (77) to Rao he night market and have our dinner at here!
The crispy pork rib noodle soup!
The most famous food stall that you can find in Rao he night market.
Stinky Tofu is another must try here!

Stew Ribs in Chinese Herbal Soup~

Summer time with ICE!
the left is like ABC with alots of add on beneath it.
The right hand side was the yam snow ice.
The Mango snow ice is another must eat dessert in Taiwan during summer time!

After the dinner!
this is another must visit place at rao he night market.
A gateway to another part of the city.
The Rainbow Bridge,
That connecting the river of Taipei city.

The Rainbow bridge will be lights up from 7pm-10pm.
the new installation art of LOVE where couple can buy a lock and lock it up on the wire mesh
just Like the paris Lover bridge!

Rainbow bridge is a pedestrian bridge that located at 
the end of Lane 221, Rao he Street, Taipei City.
The structure of the bridge was painted in red colour which representing the
Dragon. that have visual connection to the Ci You temple beside the bridge.

The Bridge's curved body and the steel arch that supporting the entire bridge
portrait the beauty of the linkage with irregular layers.
The river banks of Keelung River along the bridge is another
place where the visitor can enjoy cycling and relaxing here.