Song Shan Cultural Park | Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

Songshan Cultural and creative park is a multipurpose park in Xinyi District, Taipei, Taiwan.
During year 1937, the park was constructed as a tobacco factory under Songshan Tobacco Plant of the Monopoly Bureau of Taiwan Governor's office under Japanese Government.

In year 1998, the factory facing the challenge of decline in tobacco demand.
In year 2001, Taipei City Government designed the factory as Taipei's 99th  historic site and 
converted it into a park with city-designated historical site.

My friend, Charlie come all the way from Taoyuan to meet me and have a dinner with me.
It has been 3 years since i last met her. We have our dinner in a 
Steamboat restaurant and this is what we had!
thank her for the dinner treat :D

Song Shan Cultural Park is free of charge and open to public all day long.
The operating time for the cultural park:
Inside The park - Indoor areas: 9.00am - 6.00pm
Inside the park - Outdoor areas: 9.00am - 6.00pm
Outside the park open 24 hours
However, the entrance fee for each exhibition differ from each event.
The visitors can take public transportation to here by taking the banqiao Line (blue)  to Sun Yat-Sen memorial hall station and take exit 5. Take the road to Yanchang Road about 550m.

The entire park is smoke free and all the motorcycles, bicycle, skate boards and scooters
 are prohibited in this area.
The park is an ecological area with a lake at the middle.
Pets are allowed at outdoor area where the view towards the lake and 
surrounding building are captured. 

Xiao Shan Tang is one of the warehouses
that used to manufactured cigarettes, but now has been transformed into a restaurant.

The tobacco factory consists of three main segments which arrange around the Baroque Garden.
The middle of the garden was the fountain with sculptures of women emerging from their baths.

Tobacco Factory consists of North, South and east segments with long and open hallways. 

The second part of the visit during the night was Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial hall.
As the national founding father of Taiwan,
Dr Sun Yat-sen, was to be commeorated into the building of
national Dr.Sun Yat-sen Memorial hall on year 1964.
The building does not only provide a place to remembrance the contribution of Dr.Sun Yat-sen,
but also to incorporate other artistic and cultural education, and leisure activity.

Our group picture with Dr.Sun Yat-sen,
The  national founding father of Taiwan.

The building looked elegant and majestic especially during the night.
It houses national performance hall with lecture hall and library that has 
more than 40,000 collection of books. 

It serves as multipurpose hall where all the different group of people are wandering here.
The youth will have their dancing activity and the adult doing some exercise and leisure activity around the Chung Shan park.